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The Various Effects of Water Damage

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Water damage is a very serious problem. It can be caused by a multitude of things, and it can have adverse effects on different materials as well. There are short term and long term damages that can impact various materials. Some of the effects can occur almost instantaneously. These effects include discoloration of furniture, must odor throughout the house, warping of building materials and damaged drywall. Some of the long term effects include grey water buildup, electronic appliances getting damaged, and the slow formation of mold. If the mold is left untreated for long periods of time, you could end up extremely ill and in the hospital. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial that you contact a professional water damage restoration technician immediately. The more time you wait, the greater amount of damage will be caused.

soaked-wood-water-damageWater damage can ruin your beloved leather couch in the blink of an eye. When the water sinks into the couch, it can cause incredible amounts of damage to the color and texture. Water can warp the wood of your floors as well, and it doesn’t take a long time either. Once the wood begins absorbing the water, it will begin to crack and get warped. You might not have enough time to save your floors, tiles, walls, or furniture. That’s why you can’t wait around to call for the pros. A reliable water damage restoration company will carry the right equipment to safely remove and extract all excess water from your home. These specialists are highly trained in removing water from furniture, carpets, rugs, and all other damaged areas of your home. They are experts in drywall repair, and can have your home looking immaculate in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t matter if you have a drippy ceiling or a broken washing machine hose, your home doesn’t need to look like a pond. Just make sure you choose the right company. Do a little research beforehand, and make sure you keep the number saved in your phone. You’ll definitely be glad you did!

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If you’ve experienced any kind of water damage issue in your home, just reach out and give us a call. At 911 Remediation, we specialize in all water removal and extraction services. We’re highly versed in drywall repair and wet carpet cleaning. We offer the most affordable rates in the entire San Francisco area. We’re also on call 24 hours a day, so you can always reach us. Don’t let the excess water destroy your carpeting, walls, floors and home. Give us a call today, and let us show you firsthand why we’re the best!