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The Dangers of Flooding

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According to climate change experts, the sea level is rising faster than had previously been thought. For residents of the Bay Area, especially for those who live or work near the edge of the bay, this is troubling news. And if that isn't ominous enough, many climate change experts warn that the area is now more vulnerable than ever to extreme flooding. When floodwaters overwhelm an area, they do much more than knock out drinking water and destroy homes. They can also spread noxious chemicals, sewage, and oil, poisoning the air we breathe and attracting hordes of mosquitoes.

Mere inches separate dry land from water, something we don't think about until high tide, when the partially submerged staircases of North Beach and Embarcadero remind us all of that sober fact. Do you remember the flooding of 2008? Then, just as in 2002, the bay waters surged over the waterfront walls, flooding streets and sidewalks. Now, with the sea level rising faster than scientists had earlier predicted, flooding of this magnitude could become a common sight for those who live or work in the Bay Area. Climate change experts argue that if walls like those protecting the waterfront aren't built along other parts of the Bay Area's shoreline, entire communities could end up underwater.

We need to prepare ourselves for the dangers of a new and more violent bay—a bay with deeper water, a bay with larger waves.

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