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Hurricane Sandy left a trail of devastation in its path. Many homeowners and local residents of NYC, had lost their homes and even jobs. The hurricane left the entire city looking as if it was submerged underwater. Many of the local residents had to be evacuated to other sections, since the hurricane was so severe. Although we cannot predict the outcome of the weather, we can always be prepared for when disaster strikes. Hurricane Sandy was a harsh reminder to us all about the consequences of Mother Nature. Disaster can strike at any time, which is why, it’s crucial to think in advance. A great deal of the homes affected by Hurricane Sandy were on the coast, and literally surrounded by water. Homeowners were warned in advance on how to prepare for an emergency evacuation. Thanks to the help of the entire city of New York, and the east coast, the residents were able to overcome this tragedy.


The most valuable lesson learned was on how to prepare for an emergency situation. New Yorkers were not used to the kind of weather that generally affects midwestern areas of the states. The photos of the flooding almost seemed surreal. Subway stations looked like waterfalls, homes were on fire, and the streets of the East Village in Manhattan, looked like a river. The people still stuck together, and managed to pull through the mess. It’s always important to prepare in advance. You should always have an emergency kit in your home, regardless of emergency situation. This kit should contain the vital essentials, such as canned food, heavy clothing, fully charged cell phones, and a flashlight. You should have a full tank of gas in your car, so you’re never stuck. A little planning certainly goes a long way. A tragedy such as Hurricane Sandy could have left more damage in its wrath, but quick thinking and planning, helped salvage the wreckage.

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Hurricane Sandy left a lasting impression on us all. The most important thing to take into consideration is your safety and well-being. That’s why we work 24/7 at 911 Remediation. We have a talented team of specialists that cover the entire San Jose area. Whether your home was the victim of a flood or a clogged sink, we’ll be by your side to help out. We use the most environmentally-safe equipment when draining out all excess water from your home. You can always count on 911 Remediation to be there for you. Get in touch with our friendly support team, and let us quickly restore your home!