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Preventing the Damage in Advance

Water damage can make an absolute mess of your home. Water damage also destroys many household materials. If the water sinks into the fabric of your beloved couch or favorite rug, you’ll have to toss them away. Water can bring a lot of problems, which can eventually lead to the buildup of mold. Mold is a harmful fungus that builds throughout water damaged parts of the house. The longer your furniture or other household materials absorb the water, the greater the amount of overall damage. You might be able to save some of the furniture of other materials, depending on the severity of the water damage. If your home has been the victim of water damage, you should never hesitate to call for the pros. A professional water damage restoration technician has the proper safety equipment and experience to safely restore your valuable items.


Professional technicians also have an industrial strength vacuum, which is built specifically for absorbing the water. You could rent a vacuum from a store, but it would cost you much more than having a professional do it for you. Water damage restoration technicians are knowledgeable in saving wet documents, paintings, and other possessions of value. They can also restore your carpet and rugs, depending on the severity of the water damage. Cleaning a wet or damaged carpet might be a harder task than you imagined. It takes a lot of skill to carefully remove the water from each trace of the fabric. Technicians have the experience to remove any electrical items or appliances. Under no circumstances should you ever attempt to unplug a wet wire from a current. You could risk serious injury or even death. You can block off all electrical areas that have been damaged by the water. This way, you ensure that your children don’t come near the affected areas. It always pays to play it safe, and leave the restoration to the pros!

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At 911 Remediation, we specialize in all emergency water damage cleanup situations. We have been proudly serving the Oakland community for a number of years. Our first priority is your safety. We have the proper equipment and experience to help restore your home, and have it looking as good as new in no time! We handle all types of carpets and rugs, since we have been restoring them for quite a while. Our reputation truly speaks for itself. We will give you an excellent quote in advance, so there are never any hidden surprises with us. Let us quickly come to your rescue, and help restore all household materials that have been affected by water. Give us a call today.