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Water Damage in Your Home

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The truth is, when you have water damage in your home, 911 Remediation is quite happy to help you clean up the mess and restore the location to a pre-loss condition. The water extraction services we provide are comprehensive and are able to give you the professional results you desire.

Now, let’s face it. Having water damage in your home is a frustrating thing. Isn’t it? And, that water damage can come from floods, from small leaks that arise from broken pipes, cracks in the walls or windows, you name it!

Mold Issues

Mold problems can arise relatively quickly when you have water damage in your home. This is because mold grows and thrives in a moist environment. You need to remember that the longer you allow water to stand, the more water damage will occur. Moreover, the longer the water is left without extracting it, the more likely it is that you will face a severe mold problem.

Of course, this can then lead to health issues for you, your family, or your co-workers. Some of those health problems include respiratory issues. Moreover, besides mold, the water itself can damage your flooring, ceilings, furniture and more. (Essentially, water can damage almost everything it comes into contact with!)

The answer to these problems is securing a professional team that can really help when having water damage in your home is too much for you to deal with alone.

Water Removal

You simply must remove everything you believe can be damaged by the water, before the water reaches it if at all possible. Once water has covered things like electronics and some furniture, it is next to impossible to restore these items.

In the aftermath of a flooding event, you need to remove the water from the area as soon as possible. Do as much as you can yourself, and then when you can do no more, give 911 Remediation a call. Water extraction is one of our specialties and helping get rid of large amounts of water fast is something we do quite well.

Having water damage in your home is not something you should have to deal with entirely alone. This is especially true when there are teams of professionals ready to help at the other end of a simple phone call.

Drying the Affected Area

Although it’s a relatively simple matter to open the windows in your location and begin airing the facilities out, you likely do not have the professional equipment you need to ensure that the affected area is really dry. Remember, if you don’t dry everything as much as possible, a mold problem can arise.

911 Remediation has the tools necessary to dry your home or office after a flooding event. Some of the tools we use are dehumidifiers, air movers, and industrial heaters. Of course the dehumidifiers remove the humidity from the air. The air movers make sure that there is a steady flow of air in and around the premises and the heaters help dry out hard to reach areas.