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No one wants to really deal with the aftermath of a flooding event. Even if you felt like doing it yourself, often the amount of effort required is extensive.

Water Damage in San Francisco has the professionals you need. Since we operate 24/7, we have no problem sending one of our highly qualified technicians over to assess the water damage your property may have suffered.

If your facilities have been damaged by water during any our of the day, you can be sure that the flood clean up services offered by Water Damage San Francisco are precisely what you need.

From removing the water, to drying the affected areas, to complete water damage restoration, we make sure you are 100% satisfied with the end result.

Flood Clean Up and Water Extraction

Part of a flood clean up operation is ensuring that whatever water has been left standing is removed as soon as possible.You see, the longer you allow water to stand, the more damage occurs. In a flooding situation, time is not your friend. That’s why Water Damage San Francisco only uses the best water extraction equipment. We get get rid of large amounts of water fast, which then allows the drying process to proceed and possibly prevent further damage from happening.

What Can You Do?

Even though you should always look to a professional team to do a thorough flood clean up, there are things you can do right away to help prevent further damage from taking place.

You should ensure that all the electricity is turned off, and that any pets you may happen to have are put in a safe location.

You should immediately open windows and begin ventilating your facilities. You can also place a fan in the window.Go ahead and throw away porous items like drywall, carpets and pads, mattresses, box springs and particle board. All of these items can become prime breeding grounds for mold…and they are exceedingly hard to save.

Know When to Call the Pros

The truth is, any time you’ve had a major flooding event and need flood clean up, that’s the time to give a professional team a call. Water Damage in San Francisco has the skilled specialists that know exactly how to assess the damage your place has incurred, and we have the means to fix your flooding problems.

Give our professional, friendly staff a call today and see exactly how we can help you in your situation.