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Our Mission Statement

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The team at Water Damage San Francisco is made up of total professionals. Our services are targeted toward those who have experienced significant damages due to water. Each of our specialists are trained in the leading methods used to extract water, dry the area, and then help restore your premises as close to its former state as possible. Our trained staff is able to be on site, ready to help you 24/7 and that’s something we work hard to ensure.

Whatever damage your facilities may have incurred, you can be sure that our experts have years of experience that you can trust. Moreover, Water Damage San Francisco is an IICRC member. We have a license to operate throughout the Bay Area. Thus, when you have a flooding event and you need an emergency service, Water Damage in San Francisco should be the first remediation company you think of.

Water Damage Remediation

When your home or business has seen water damage, that damage may actually be worse than it first appears. It can cover and seep into and around your belongings, your floors, your carpets, your walls, simply everything. When it does, the water damage you incur can be quite extensive.

That’s when you need professional help. Although you could attempt to conduct water damage restoration yourself, your results would not likely be what you’re hoping for. That’s why Water Damage San Francisco recommends you only look to professional services.

Consider flood cleanup issues. Many times, you may be able to remove water soaked furniture from the area, but the carpeting, the flooring underneath, as well as your cabinets etc. would still need water extraction conducted. Moreover, although you can obviously open windows yourself, you likely do not own industrial strength air movers and dehumidifiers that help to thoroughly dry out the affected area. Additionally, there are heaters that Water Damage San Francisco uses to help dry out all the hard to reach areas like crawl spaces etc. that many people forget or just don’t think about.

Water Removal

The truth is, many people don’t even consider the health issues that may arise from a flooding situation. You see, much depends on the type of water that caused the water damage in the first place. For example, raw sewage can be extremely dangerous. This is due to the many and varied pathogens that grow in sewer water. If that kind of water soaks into your premises, not to mention your carpets or furniture, these things are almost as good as gone. Ruined and destroyed, this kind of damage truly requires the skills of a professional team, and you should not attempt any kind of water damage restoration on your own.

Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage San Francisco is the company you should think of first when it comes to restoring all of the water damage your facilities may have incurred. It’s our job to help you stop the damage, clean the water damaged areas, get rid of contaminated materials, dry the area, and destroy any mold growth that may have begun. Finally we want to help prevent future flooding events.

Your safety and your health are important to us. Getting the job done right the first time is something you can expect when you work with us!